dbotjson is a JSON parser conforming to the RFC 8259 standard. Written in Erlang, will be the main JSON component used in drastikbot 4 for interacting with third party APIs.

  • [15 Jul 2020] Released

    dbotjson has been released. The code and its documentation can be found on github.

[Unreleased WIP]

drastikbot 4 is the result of playing with Erlang, functional programming, new design ideas and goals. It is currently a work in progress and subject to changes.

  • [XX XXX 2020] First test

    drastikbot 4 with its first package, the sed substitution command, was live tested for a few weeks in a very active IRC channel.


drastikbot is an IRC bot that makes it easy to add new features thanks to its modular design.

  • [30 Apr 2022] Version 2.2.2

    Fixed a concurrency bug related to the sqlite disk database. Now each concurrent module call will be given its own database connection. This fixes modules such as tell and seen that used to crash because of database errors. Only the core needs to be updated.

  • [1 Mar 2022] New module:

    A new module for fetching cryptocurrency prices was added. It can be found in the drastikbot_modules repo.

  • [28 Feb 2022] Version 2.2.1

    Bug fixes and minor changes: the seen and tell modules will now check the prefix. You will need to update both the core bot and the two modules.

  • [11 Jun 2021] Version 2.2

    Version 2.2 has been merged into the master branch. A new module API, a developer mode and a better User ACL configuration representation were introduced. Those changes broke compatibility with modules developed for previous versions of the bot.

  • [23 Sep 2019] Version 2.1

    Version 2.1 adds a new User Access List to stop users from abusing the bot's features and an interface that allows channel OPs and bot owners to access the bot's moderation features over IRC.

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